Four Seasons Village, Winkleigh, Devon | Leisure

Gloucestershire Park Homes are very proud of their New Development of Luxury Residential Park Homes at Winkleigh, Devon.

Four Seasons VillageTo ensure that each home retains individual character they are placed at angles not in lines and are modestly spaced apart. Adjacent each home is a paviered drive to the garage and also a paviered path to the front door.

All the developments are middle to the top of the range Luxury Park Homes with 2 Double Bedrooms, fitted Kitchens, utility room, Ensuite Shower or Bathrooms. Some of the homes have a Study. We, personally, have a Home with a Built in sun room.

The idea behind Park Homes is that people can sell their properties, buy a Park Home to release capital to enjoy their retirement and still have a beautiful property in a safe and secure environment. There are no children running about, no traffic going up and down all day , just a leisurely and tranquil lifestyle.

Fourseasons Gallery